Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yuck! Bleck! Ick!

Yuck! Ick! I cannot believe that that woman did to me today! She stuck this tube in my mouth and squirted the most foul-tasting concoction down my throat! I think she was trying to POISON me!!

So, Jennifer walks into my stall today and puts a halter on me. I thought maybe we would finally go out and eat some grass. Or maybe she was going to bath me again. Or something else nice would happen. She pets me a minute and smiles at me sweetly. That's when I started to get suspicious.

Then all of a sudden, she has this tube near my mouth. I can smell the garbage in the tube. It smells like poison. Really. It does. So I start walking off. Well, her sweetness starts to fade a bit and she gives me a tug on the rope. Ha! I was weak when I got in, but I'm stronger now and the tug on the rope makes me more determined to escape the foul junk in her tube! So I walk off. She grabs the halter and pushes me into the wall. Well, I do not appreciate that! No sir, not one bit! So I swing my head and walk away. She pulls the rope and turns me in a small circle.

We fought for a while. I can tell I've strained her patience. She's not smiling so sweetly now. Oh no. She's grimacing. She's told me I'm going to take my medicine like all the other horses. Well, apparently all the horses are a bunch of fools! I know the truth! She's trying to do me in!

She took a deep breath and calmed down and then tried rubbing that tube on my nose. Who does she think she's dealing with? I'm an experienced horse! I've seen these human tricks and they don't impress me! So I try to run over the top of her. Oops. I think I might have made a bit of a mistake there as she's no longer being "miss nice guy".

So she pushes me into a corner, shoves the tube in my mouth, and sends the poison down my throat. I give her the dirtiest look I can manage while trying to spit that garbage out before it kills me. She shoves a horse cookie into my mouth. Does she really think a horse cookie will fix this? Does she think I'm going to forget???

If you don't hear from me again, then you know she's killed me off.

Suffering through the poison,

Tex from Bluebonnet

P.S. Her highness, the Poisoner, says I'm not being fair. She wants me to let you all know that I wasn't poisoned. She claims that the nasty stuff was something called de-wormer. Apparently, worms like to prey on us horses. Kind of gross, huh? I mean, how would you like to have worms growing inside you? Ugh. It makes you ill to think of it, doesn't it? Well, she's worried that because I'm in such poor condition that these worms are feasting away. So she gave me the de-wormer to help kill them off. Apparently, this was a wild de-wormer and in another 2 weeks she's going to give me a stronger version and then another tube a few weeks later. She says that should help a lot.

Apparently, most healthy horses get de-wormed once every 6 weeks to three months, depending on where they live. I think maybe I can remember being de-wormed. But it was a long time ago. It seems like another life.

I'm not 100% convinced I believe her though. I can't believe those other horses let her shove that junk down their throat without a fight. She's going to have to get stronger, too, because I'm going to eat all my feed, get stronger, and give her a MUCH harder fight next time!

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  1. Love it! I think my horses think the same thing as well, especially my TB mare. The faces she makes when we are done are priceless. Keep up the good work Bluebonnet!
    Former Vol. Coord.
    2nd Chance Equine & Great Dane Rescue!
    Alvin, Texas