Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Changes for Me!

Hey guys - Have you missed me? It has been weeks since I could get near a computer! I've had some big changes in my life that I need to share with you.

First, the super-big one. I no longer live with Jennifer. You are shocked, right? Well, so am I! I knew she was just a temporary home because she told me so. But I had no clue when I would be leaving. One day about two weeks ago, she came out in the morning, just a few hours after breakfast. It wasn't lunch time, but I reminded her anyway about how hungry I was. She had two strangers with her, and they were talking about me. Of course, I stood up straighter to show them how handsome I was!

The one stranger looked a little sad when looking at me and asked a bunch of questions about my health, what I ate, what to do. And then Jennifer handed her a halter and asked if she wanted to grab her new boy.

Umm... what? Me? Her new boy? I was a little shocked as I was enjoying my three square meals a day. Did Jennifer know these people? Who were they? Did they have enough food?

So the lady put the halter and leadrope on, and she and Jennifer walked me out to a trailer. of course, I'm a trailering pro so I jumped right in. That told me what a good boy I was (of course I was!) and shut the door. Jennifer told me to be a good kid. As if... I'm not a kid anymore! But then the stranger asked her if she would be sad, and she said yes. But that it was her job to find new foster homes.

So they got me home. And I found out that they did have plenty of food. And grass. Lots of grass. I can't really eat the grass well since I don't have many teeth, but let me tell you... I sure try! And I like the taste of it a whole heck of a lot.

So the new digs aren't bad. Instead of a stall, I now have a round pen to wander around in. And the new people, Kristin and Wheat, they sure seem to make a big fuss over me. There are no other horses here. I thought I might be lonely, but really I don't mind. I get all the food and no one tries to steal it!

Now that I'm settled in and back in a good routine, I'll try to write more. Who knows what exciting things might happen next!

Loving the grass,

Tex from Bluebonnet