Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farewell to our TV Star

Hi everyone,

My name is Cloudy. I lived with Tex, the grumpy old man I wanted to let all of his fans know that he's gone. Early this week, he stopped eating. I asked him what was wrong but he snapped at my to mind my own business. He could be such a grump! But our foster mom saw him not eating, and she got worried. Jennifer, who Tex used to live with, told Kristin to get him to the vet. And so two days ago Kristin loaded Tex and Trella up in the trailer to go visit the vet. Trella came home a few hours later, but Tex did not. Trella said the vet kept Tex and hooked him up to some machine and had a tube going from him to a bag hanging from the ceiling. I asked her what was in the bags - did she think it was liquid carrots?! She rolled her eyes me (sheesh! Mares!

So this morning, our foster mom came outside with tears leaking out of her eyes. She fed and pet us and then said she was going to get a couple of peaches to take to Tex. She said he wouldn't be coming home.

She said something about him being old and just giving out. I know Tex has a big group of fans, so I snuck in some computer time so I could let you all know. Tex now runs free and healthy.