Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farewell to our TV Star

Hi everyone,

My name is Cloudy. I lived with Tex, the grumpy old man I wanted to let all of his fans know that he's gone. Early this week, he stopped eating. I asked him what was wrong but he snapped at my to mind my own business. He could be such a grump! But our foster mom saw him not eating, and she got worried. Jennifer, who Tex used to live with, told Kristin to get him to the vet. And so two days ago Kristin loaded Tex and Trella up in the trailer to go visit the vet. Trella came home a few hours later, but Tex did not. Trella said the vet kept Tex and hooked him up to some machine and had a tube going from him to a bag hanging from the ceiling. I asked her what was in the bags - did she think it was liquid carrots?! She rolled her eyes me (sheesh! Mares!

So this morning, our foster mom came outside with tears leaking out of her eyes. She fed and pet us and then said she was going to get a couple of peaches to take to Tex. She said he wouldn't be coming home.

She said something about him being old and just giving out. I know Tex has a big group of fans, so I snuck in some computer time so I could let you all know. Tex now runs free and healthy.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

A saddle! I've been attacked by a saddle!

Hello to all of my fans!

Today is a gorgeous day in my world. The sun is shining, the grass is green and plentiful and I have people who love me. But I've got to have a little talk with these people - because my foster "mom" Kristin let a saddle attack me.

Here I was, minding my own business, eating on my favorite patch of grass when Kristin came out to see me. I figured she wanted to marvel in my beauty and awesomeness. After talking to me for a minute, she put a halter on me. So I figured she wanted to go brush me and make me even more handsome. You know, a guy can't be too good looking.

So she did brush me - and she managed to scratch all the right spots. That woman is GOOD! I was into my little massage and then she stepped away. Before I knew what happened, a saddle blanket flew onto my back. Umm.. hello? Do I look like a common riding nag? No. I am Tex! International TV and internet star! Beloved by millions! Who did this saddle blanket think it was?

But folks, it gets worse! I thought if I stood real still the saddle blanket would get bored and leave. But nooooo! It called its little friend the saddle over for a party. Before I knew it, that saddle had attacked me and wraps its evil cinch around my belly. Really. Where is my foster "mom"? Is she just letting these things attack me?

I guess she was part of the evil plot because then she put a bit in my mouth and pulled a bridle over my ears. Sheesh. The things I put up with. Kristin told me to come on and be a good guy and to go for a little ride. But I looked at her and she knows how to get to me. She scratches the right places and tells me how handsome I am. I figured a little ride couldn't hurt, could it?

So we rode around the farm a bit. You know what? The ride wasn't so bad. I think I even had a little fun. It is nice to feel useful again. And now maybe someone will decide they want me. I'm not just another pretty face - I've got skills!

So if you want a super-handsome, international television star to go riding with, just give me a chance. Ignore my age. It is only a state of mind - and my mind says I'm young! Heck, you should see me run like the wind!

I'm hoping Kristin comes out with the saddle again. I'm ready for another ride.

Handsome international TV star,

Tex from Bluebonnet

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why doesn't anyone want me?

Hello everyone,

I know I haven't posted in quite a while. Well, quite frankly my heart just isn't in it. I'm feeling a little down. I know you are asking yourself why a beautiful and talented horse like me would be feeling the blues. I know, I know... I have a lot to be grateful for!

And I am grateful. I am grateful to the rescue people for getting me out of a bad situation. And I am grateful for the buckets and buckets and buckets of food. And for the glorious spring weather and the green and yummy grass. I am grateful for the love and care of my adopters. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but..

Since I came to the rescue last summer, a lot of horses have been adopted out. I mean a lot! So why hasn't anyone even come to look at me? Come on, people, have you seen me? I'm gorgeous! Look at my paint coat. Look at my coloring. I know, you are saying, "But you are so old!" Do I act old? No! I think age is a state of mind - and my mind says I'm only about 5!

Surely someone out there wants me... it really stinks to be passed over again and again!

Looking for my forever home,

Tex from Bluebonnet

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great news!

Hey everyone,

I've got some GREAT news! Are you ready? I'm so excited I'm having a hard time typing. I think I might be giddy! Are you sure you are ready? The good news is - I am up for adoption!

Boy, that's so cool to say. I've been with BEHS since August and now I am finally healthy enough to go up for adoption! Those Bluebonnet people say I've gained a lot of weight - and everyone can finally see the real me.

So, would you like to take me home and give me a home of my own? A family of my own? Someone to love me? I know, I know... some of you reading this are saying: Who wants a 25+ year old horse who doesn't even have any teeth? Well, when I was a young whippersnapper, I would have said the same thing. Now I'm older and wiser. And I'm telling you, I would be an awesome horse. First, I'm gorgeous. Have you seen my gorgeous paint pattern? Anyone would be lucky to have that in their pasture! Then, I've been on TV people! National TV! People all over the world saw ME and loved ME! You could have a famous horse in your pasture! Maybe you could even be a little famous, too. Pretty cool, huh? Plus, I'm a nice old guy. I am not going to give you any trouble. Unless you are later with my dinner, then I might have to give you a little grief.

So, think about it... wouldn't you like to take me home?

If you live too far away, have too many horses or don't have room for a horse, there's another alternative: adopt a little me! Yes, you read that right. And Little Me doesn't need a barn or even need grain. He's a little stuffed horse - cute, huh? And I think he kind of looks like me, so I'm telling Jennifer to call him the Tex Horse for Bluebonnet. Good idea, don't you think? He's available on the Bluebonnet Website at - and the funds from his sale help horses like me. You know you want one - so go order one! Don't be shy! I would order one if I had any money... but the credit card company won't give a credit card to a horse. Hmph.

Ok, I think I see some new green grass coming up - and it has my name on it. I'm going to go chow down while you fill out your adoption application or buy a little me. Go ahead. Do it. There's no time like the present!

Loving life,

Tex from Bluebonnet

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Howdy everyone!

I know, I know! You all have missed me right? I haven't written anything in months - but it isn't my fault! It has done nothing but rain and rain here, and my foster humans just refuse to bring their lap top out to me. They say I'll get it all muddy. Really, how rude of them! Don't they know I have an adoring public who wants to hear from me??

Well, I finally got a little break and am getting to use the computer. We've had a lot of excitement around here. First, some very sad news. A month or two ago, my foster human Kristin came out to de-worm me. Yuck. That stuff is super-nasty and I don't know why humans feel the need to shove it down our throat! Well, she shoved it down my throat and I spit it out. It fell on the ground and her dog gobbled it up. She didn't think anything of it, and I was just happy someone else ate that garbage and I didn't have to eat any more. But a few hours later, her dog started to have seizures. They rushed her to the veterinarian but lost her the next day. I feel so bad. I should have eaten my ivermectin and not let the dog get any. Kristin and her husband cried and I felt even worse. So now... I want you to know that dogs and ivermectin doesn't mix well! Apparently some breeds are very sensitive to ivermectin and it kills them. You can read one story here:

On a good note... I'm putting on weight and I've become such a handsome man. Look at me, would you even recognize me? And now that I'm putting on weight, I feel so much better! I can buck and run and play! I might be an older guy, but I've got plenty of life left in me! I hear the rescue is going to put me up for adoption soon. Is there someone out there who would like to give me a home for the rest of my life? I might be sassy sometimes, but I'll make you smile!

Now, I have to go run and buck a little. But seriously, think about giving me a home of my own!

Dreaming of my own family,

Tex from Bluebonnet

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It has been a long time...

Hi guys! Did you think I had forgotten about you? Did you forget about meeee? It is awfully hard to get to a computer around here. I have a pretty full schedule all day. First, I get up and eat some grass. Then I spend a little time yelling at Kristin to hurry it up and feed me. Then I spend an hour or so eating my huge breakfast. Then I need to eat some grass. Then it is nap time. Then time to roll. Then time to eat grass. Then I have to yell at Kristin again. You know, you have to keep after these humans. If you don't demand your food, they just might forget. And believe me, I missed a bunch of meals in my life Before Rescue. And I don't plan on ever missing a meal again!

In addition to spending my days eating and keeping Kristin on her toes, I have to spend some time getting better. I'm eating everything in sight, trying to gain weight. And Kristin took me to a veterinarian. I'm not a big fan of vets. They like to poke and prod you. But this one wasn't too bad. We went on a trailer ride which was cool. And when we got there, everyone really fawned all over me. They were mad anyone let an old guy like me get skinny. And they wanted to help me get better.

BUT part of getting better is something called "teeth floating". I don't know if you know this, but horses have teeth that keep growing through most of our lives. And the way we eat makes our teeth grind back and forth against each other, and that grinding can make sharp points. And those points can cut your mouth all up and make you sore. It really is painful. So vets and dentists open your mouth and put in this file thing and file down your teeth.

Sounds pretty awful, huh? The worst part really is having your mouth held open by this metal deal. And having to stand still. But these vets were nice. They gave me a little drug that made me sleepy. Then they padded up the thing that held my mouth open. And the dental work only took a few minutes. That's because I don't have many teeth left. I could have told them that if they had just asked! But those humans never remember to ask the horses! Sheesh!

Anyway, here's a picture of me. It looks like torture, but it wasn't so bad. Afterward, they washed my mouth out with something that tasted good and the drugs made me feel good. And everyone was petting me and telling me how sweet and good I was. A guy can get used to that kind of treatment!

After the dental work, the vet also removed a little growth from next to my eye. NOW that's healed up and I feel much better!

Well, I'm late for my scheduled nap. I'll write more later!


Tex from Bluebonnet

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Changes for Me!

Hey guys - Have you missed me? It has been weeks since I could get near a computer! I've had some big changes in my life that I need to share with you.

First, the super-big one. I no longer live with Jennifer. You are shocked, right? Well, so am I! I knew she was just a temporary home because she told me so. But I had no clue when I would be leaving. One day about two weeks ago, she came out in the morning, just a few hours after breakfast. It wasn't lunch time, but I reminded her anyway about how hungry I was. She had two strangers with her, and they were talking about me. Of course, I stood up straighter to show them how handsome I was!

The one stranger looked a little sad when looking at me and asked a bunch of questions about my health, what I ate, what to do. And then Jennifer handed her a halter and asked if she wanted to grab her new boy.

Umm... what? Me? Her new boy? I was a little shocked as I was enjoying my three square meals a day. Did Jennifer know these people? Who were they? Did they have enough food?

So the lady put the halter and leadrope on, and she and Jennifer walked me out to a trailer. of course, I'm a trailering pro so I jumped right in. That told me what a good boy I was (of course I was!) and shut the door. Jennifer told me to be a good kid. As if... I'm not a kid anymore! But then the stranger asked her if she would be sad, and she said yes. But that it was her job to find new foster homes.

So they got me home. And I found out that they did have plenty of food. And grass. Lots of grass. I can't really eat the grass well since I don't have many teeth, but let me tell you... I sure try! And I like the taste of it a whole heck of a lot.

So the new digs aren't bad. Instead of a stall, I now have a round pen to wander around in. And the new people, Kristin and Wheat, they sure seem to make a big fuss over me. There are no other horses here. I thought I might be lonely, but really I don't mind. I get all the food and no one tries to steal it!

Now that I'm settled in and back in a good routine, I'll try to write more. Who knows what exciting things might happen next!

Loving the grass,

Tex from Bluebonnet