Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Benefit for Bluebonnet is a Benefit for me!

Good evening!

Jennifer bounced into the barn tonight all cheerful and happy. I looked at her like she was a bit crazy, so she slowed down, came over to pet me, and told me she had good news. Apparently there's going to be a big concert in College Station, and Bluebonnet is going to be one of the beneficiaries. That means Bluebonnet will receive a donation for a small portion of the proceeds from the concert. That's good because it takes a lot of money to care for all of us horses! So that's pretty awesome, right?

She's even happier because the company who is putting on the event may also do more events in other cities and make Bluebonnet the recipient of donations. Well, I have to tell you - there's an awful lot of horses out there needing help. I hear about more and more cases every day. Right now, Jennifer's working with her volunteers on one case involving several horses who really need to get out of their negligent home. She says local law enforcement is dragging their feet and this might be a tough case. I sure hope we can get those guys some help.

You know, I had just about given up on life when Bluebonnet showed up. And now look at me - a whole family to love me, food three times a day, and great care. Every horse deserves that!

Well, the other horses are hollering about something. I ought to go check it out. Those youngens sure get stirred up sometimes!

Tex from Bluebonnet

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