Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can own a piece of me!

Ok. It is official. This woman is crazy. Do you know what she did this morning? Well, it started out pretty normal - she made breakfast for everyone, brought Chips into his stall and brought Elvis into the barnyard. I get my breakfast last because it has to soak and get soupy, but I can wait. So she finally brought me breakfast. All was well.

Then she walked around to my tail. She started combing the knots out, and that was ok with me. And then... and then... she CUT out a piece of my tail! I swung around my head and asked her, "What the heck???!" Jennifer can't speak horse, but I know she got that.

She quickly explained that she needed a lock of my tail. I'm famous now, thanks to Nightline, and I guess when you are famous everyone wants a piece of you. The rescue is participating in a fundraiser at a place called SpecialHorses - it is an auction with items to benefit different groups and Bluebonnet is a beneficiary. So she took my tail hair and a photo of me the day I came to BEHS, put them both in a pretty silver frame with the Bluebonnet logo engraved on it and is putting it in the auction.

I guess I can go along with that. After all, I'm a lucky horse. I'm getting my three meals a day and petting and life is good. There's a lot of other horses out there who aren't so lucky. So my little donation of tail hair can help raise money so we can help them.

In fact, a BEHS volunteer is supposed to be picking up three starving mares right now and getting them to a safe house (well, a safe farm really since they can't live in the house). These poor girls - their people moved away on July 4th and left them. And no one has fed them. And their pond dried up. The livestock officer got involved and called Bluebonnet and now we're helping these ladies. I'll tell you more about them when I hear more.

So, if you want to own a little piece of me, don't forget to look for my framed photo and tail hair over at the Specialhorses auction. Bidding starts Sept. 1st. Don't worry - I'll be reminding you! I expect my tail hair and photo to be the highest seller. And you folks better make sure of that!

Loving being a star,

Tex from Bluebonnet

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