Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meeting the Other Horses Here

Hi there! I guess it is time I introduced you to the other horses who live with Jennifer. There are five that she calls her “permanent residents” – they’re not rescue horses and they give to live with Jennifer always and forever. Four of them used to belong to one of her best friends, Susan. Susan gave Jennifer one, a show horse named Elvis, and then a few years later Susan died from breast cancer and bone cancer. Chips, Freckles and Magic were sad to lose their human, but Jennifer and some of her friends brought them back to Texas and they really like her now. The fourth horse is one Jennifer bought many years ago, trained to ride and show. She still rides him sometimes, but he hangs out and keeps all the rescue horses company.

But there are two other rescue horses here. One is named Judge and one is named Zezz. They’re both Arabians, but they’re ok for silly Arabs. Apparently, they lived at a farm with 56 other horses. But like me, they didn’t have grass or enough food. And Zezz and Judge were stallions, and they were left in stalls for MONTHS. In fact, they had to stand on top of 3-4 feet of manure in their stalls. And the latches on their stalls rusted shut. And no one brought them food or got them out. One day, one of the outside horses, a red mare, died because she had gone too long without food. Do you know what happened then? Well, the next day Jennifer and the Bluebonnet Family showed up with some sheriff’s deputies, a police officer, and another rescue called True Blue Animal Rescue and took all of those horses out of there! They had to bust the rust lose from the stall doors to free Zezz, Judge and many of their buddies. But they got out!

A few weeks later, Zezz and Judge moved here to Jennifer’s house. They told me they were super-skinny and hungry, too. But Jennifer and her husband took good care of them, and they’re looking much better. They’re not completely done with rehabilitation yet, but Judge just went up for adoption. I tell you, he’s a little nervous about this. He likes it here and worries that someplace else won’t feed him well. But Jennifer keeps telling him he’s going to find his perfect person, someone who will love him and train him and feed him and ride him. I sure hope so!

Hey, do you know of anyone looking for an Arab? He’s a gelding now, and he’s bay. He thinks he’s real handsome with his white legs. He’s proud that he knows how to carry a saddle but Jennifer is having to teach him about a bridle. He doesn’t have a blog, but he has a webpage if you want to see him.

Waiting for dinner,

Tex from Bluebonnet

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