Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good morning everyone!

I just finished up breakfast. All I can say about that is yuuuummmm! I do love my food. Now, I really, really love the pellets. Beet pulp and chopped up hay are ok, but pellets are the best! In fact, Jennifer's been feeding me in a tub on the ground, and if the pellets are not on top, I use my foot to flip the bucket over. It makes Jennifer so mad. She says my food gets all dirty and it isn't healthy to eat off the ground. Well, the other horses eat grass, and it grows on the ground! So what's the big deal??? Today, she put a bucket in my stall and tied it so I cannot flip it over. I am not pleased. No not one bit! In fact, I kicked the bucket to tell her what I thought of that little plan. But then I relented and ate my yuuuummmmy breakfast!

Now today, I do have some seriously good news. Well, it is kind of sad news. The sad part is that Bluebonnet had to go pick up three new horses last week. Apparently, their owner just left them on some land and didn't come back. The grass burnt up and the girls started losing weight. Then the pond dried up. The nice livestock officer started hauling water for them while he tried to locate the owners. He gave up and called us, Bluebonnet. So one of the volunteers went out and picked them up. And today one of the directors went to court and Bluebonnet got awarded all three horses. They're bay mares but I haven't seen their photos yet. They need to gain weight and one isn't halter broke. But I'm pretty sure they'll recover quickly. The Bluebonnet family is very loving!

Speaking of the Bluebonnet Family, have you joined us yet? You know, there's nothing like having a big, loving family for all of us horses! You don't even have to be in Texas to join. Heck, you don't even have to be in the US! You can join the Bluebonnet Family and support and love all of us horses. Come on, you know you want to! Go to and join today!

Well, I'm signing off now. It is nap time and then lunch time. I sure do love lunch time!

Tex from Bluebonnet

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