Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Helping other horses


I had an interesting experience today. Most importantly, Jennifer gave me breakfast, lunch and dinner so I am guessing this is going to be a new habit. None of the other horses get lunch – but they do get to go out and eat grass and eat hay, so I guess that’s ok with them.

Anyway, on to the interesting thing. While Jennifer was out giving me lunch, two women showed up with a horse trailer. Jennifer stood around talking to them – seems they’re involved with another rescue called Meadow Haven Horse Rescue. I didn’t know there were more than one group helping horses! Anyway, a while later, another truck showed up pulling a trailer. Apparently, there were three young starving horses in the trailer. I whinnied at them and they whinnied back. It seems that Bluebonnet was involved in a neglect case. Someone was starving eighteen horses and Bluebonnet and the sheriff’s department had to go take them. But Bluebonnet is just overrun with horses right now, so they asked two other rescues to help out. One group took four horses, Meadow Haven took these three guys, and Bluebonnet took the rest. It sure is nice to hear about all these people working together!

Those little guys were pretty scared – they had never left the property before they were seized, and they didn’t know what was going to happen now. I told them rescue people are good people and that they’ll get lots of food and love and pets and everything will be ok. I hope they believe me. I sure am liking the rescue life now!

I wish someone would give me a mid-night snack.


Tex from Bluebonnet

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