Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Bluebonnet Family Thing

Hi again. I am getting used to this new life. Laurie was back this morning because Jennifer is out of town for something called her anniversary. Apparently she’s been married to Spencer for a while and they like to go celebrate that. Well, I’m a horse and I don’t really get the whole “marriage” thing or “anniversary” thing. But if it makes her happy, I guess that’s ok.

Laurie is pretty good to me. Jennifer had given me some hay, but I just can’t eat it. It is too hard and scratchy. So Laurie started putting my hay in water. So now I try to eat the hay. The water makes it softer, but my teeth aren’t working right to grind it up. So I suck on the wet hay for a bit and then spit it out in a wad on the ground. I think Jennifer said I needed to see a vet for a teeth float. Do you know what that it? Well, it is when the vet sticks a file in your teeth and files down the sharp edges so you can eat better. But Jennifer said I’m too weak to undergo a dental procedure right now, so I have to wait until I gain some weight. I’m not sure how I can gain weight without eating hay, but she has done ok by me so far. I’m sure she’ll explain it later.

I told you about that Bluebonnet Family thing yesterday, didn’t I? Well, I learned a little more from some of the other horses today. Apparently a bunch of people got together about four years ago and decided to help horses. They formed this organization and their entire goal is to help horses who are abused, abandoned, starved or found wandering stray. Did you know there are stray horses just like stray dogs and cats? Yep, there are! Sometimes owners just don’t care for their horse anymore, and they turn him loose on the road! Before groups like Bluebonnet came around, the sheriff’s departments would catch those horses and send them to auctions. And a lot of the time, they went to horse slaughter. Can you believe it?! I am glad stray horses have some help now.

Hmm. Laurie is a little late tonight with my feed. Where the heck is she? I think I’m going to go bang on my stall door and remind her to get here and feed me. Talk to you tomorrow!


Tex from Bluebonnet

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