Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can you believe those humans??

Does anyone here understand what's going in the minds of humans? I mean, really. I just don't get them sometime. There are some humans like Jennifer and the Bluebonnet Family who are nice. They take great care of their horses and other critters. They ride and train, but they treat their horses well. They worry about them and love them. Those humans are great!

My previous human Liesa was pretty good, too. I know I lost a lot of weight at her place. But she didn't do that on purpose. She wanted to feed me, but after she lost her job she couldn't. And she felt awful. And sometimes she even cried.

But then there are some awful humans out there. It seems like there are a lot of them. Jennifer spends a few hours out in the barn most days. She comes out in the morning to feed breakfast. To do that, she has to bring Chips into his stall and has to bring Elvis into the barnyard. Then she feeds everyone. While we're all eating, she also mixes up my lunch. Then she fills waterbuckets and cleans stalls. Once we're done, she puts Chips back out with Magic and puts Elvis and Jawhari back out with Freckles. In the evening, she comes out to ride one of her own horses or work on ground work with Zezz or Judge. Zezz is still too thin to ride and Judge doesn't know what a bridle is. She's teaching him about that. Then she has to bring Chips into his stall and Elvis into the barnyard and feed us. While we eat, she works around the barn.

And while she works around my little shed/barn, she talks to me a lot. I like the sound of her voice. It is nice to have a human paying attention to me. But today, she sure told me an awful story.

There's a member of the Bluebonnet Family named Cullens. He's a horse. He's only eight months old. Do you know what that means? It means he's just a baby. Well, he came to the rescue almost three months ago now. Seems like he and his mom and some other horses were living out in a pasture. And this stallion (that's a male horse for those of you who don't know) started chasing him. And when he caught Cullens, that stallion bit him and attacked him. He torn chunks out of his back and his legs. The poor little guy got really beat up!

So animal control got a call because he was bleeding. And they called someone named Kim with Bluebonnet. She's a police officer, and she tracked down the owner. And the owner said... are you ready for this? Really? She said she didn't care! Kim explained that the little baby would die if he didn't get moved out of that pasture and didn't get some help. And his owner, his person said she just didn't care what happened to him!

So Kim told her that maybe she should let the rescue have the horse. And just like that, Cullens became a part of the Bluebonnet Family.

Of course, Kim had to rush him to the vet and he spent several days there getting treated. And poor Cullens had never really seen people before, so he was scared. And he had to go back to the vet and have some minor procedure done and get stitches and a cast on his leg.

Now Cullens is in trouble. The vet's afraid he has a bone infection from the wounds. They're trying to treat it, but if they can't get it under control, they're going to have to send him on to greener pastures. And by greener pastures, I mean he'll be euthanized and will be crossing over.

What the heck was wrong with his human? He was her responsibility. I'm not upset that he got hurt - accidents do happen. But I'm really upset that she didn't care!m Can you explain that to me?

On a good note, I'm liking life again. I'm feeling a little stronger. Jennifer rubbed on my cheek this morning and we just stood there quietly together. It was nice.

Not quite as hungrily as before,

Tex from Bluebonnet

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