Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let me Introduce you to Zezz

Hey everyone!

I keep writing about myself and the Bluebonnet Family, but I really need to introduce you to some of these other horses out here. Zezz is a neat old guy. He's about 22 and he says he's had a life full of ups and downs. See, as a young horse Zezz was a racehorse. He's an Arab. Did you know Arabs could be racehorses? I didn't. I thought it was only those long-legged Thoroughbreds. But no, Zezz says he was a racehorse and he has a tattoo to prove it!

It doesn't sound like he was the best racehorse, though. He only raced twice and didn't win too much money. But he said he loved racing. He got to run run run! And he got lots of attention and people cheered for him. That's pretty cool. No one has ever cheered for me.

But after he retired from racing, he moved on. He was a stallion and I guess someone planned to use him for breeding. But a few years ago, things just fell apart at the barn he lived at. They missed meals and horses even died from starvation. It sounds so sad. He was kept in a dark stall and it was dank and wet in that barn. He never got out of his stall. He was miserable but he kept his spirits up.

One day a bunch of people showed up and started loading horses. Someone came into his stall with a pink halter. He says he snorted at that pink halter. I mean, he was a stallion! Not some silly mare. The lady told him she knew it was a pink halter but she felt he was so handsome he could wear pink. He wore the halter proudly after that. She petted him, told him he was beautiful and that he would soon be safe.

Before long, he had to walk onto a trailer and go to another barn. The stalls at this place were smaller than his old barn, but they had little runs with grass. He says he gobbled up the grass. People brought him feed daily and groomed him and got the knots out of his mane.

Then one day several people showed up. Zezz says they were smiling and excited and couldn't stop talking. They said the court case went well and that all the horses were safe. And that he would never have to go back to that dark and smelly stall again!

A few weeks later, he got gelded. He is still a little grumpy about that. It doesn't hurt him anymore, but Zezz says he was a magnificent racing stallion and now he's a stupid gelding. I pinned my ears at him and reminded him that I was a gelding and I am not stupid!

He apologized and went on to finish his story. He got to Jennifer's a week after being gelded and started getting a lot of food. He is still a little skinny now but he's gained a lot of weight. Jennifer has been working with him. Today she climbed on his back for the first time.

She's being so goofy - telling people she rode a racehorse. But the truth is that they just walked in two circles and she made him whoa and walk on a lot. that's not racing! Geez. Humans are silly.

Zezz is a little worried. He said Jennifer says that after she rides him a few more times he can go up for adoption. He really likes it here, and you can tell Jennifer likes him, too. He's a little scared to move to someone else's house. He's worried they won't take care of him. I told him Jennifer won't let that happen.

Anyway, life keeps getting better here. I get my three meals per day and today Jennifer brought me some grass. Yum! Grass is sooooooooooooooooo wonderful! You should try some!

Longing for more grass,

Tex from Bluebonnet

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