Saturday, August 8, 2009

How I got Here

Hi again!

I sure hope you are enjoying my Blog. I don’t think I’m that interesting, but my new person sure thinks you will enjoy this. Since she’s got food and water here, I’m trying to keep her happy.

So I’ve been telling you my story to get you caught up. Like I said, I am pretty skinny and I thought I was going to lay down and die of starvation. But on Thursday, Liesa came out and told me that I was going to go on a trailer trip to someplace new where people would take care of me. She cried a little but told me it was for the best. She still hadn’t found a job and didn’t have grain for me and the grass was all dead. I perked up at the word grain, but when I didn’t actually see any grain I hung my head again. I really didn’t care where I was since I didn’t think I would be on this planet much longer.

So a little while later, I saw a couple of cars, a truck and a truck and trailer coming. I wondered why so many people were coming to get me. I am not a bad horse and I don’t need a crew of people to put me in a trailer! The doors to the truck pulling the trailer opened and two people got out – Laurie and Jennifer. And Jennifer introduced herself to Leisa. The other cars and truck opened their doors and more people got out. One even had a camera. This was pretty weird if you ask me.

I watched them while Jennifer approached me with a halter. I really didn’t care what happened to me, but she put the halter on and told me I was going to go home with her. She said she had other horses, plenty of hay and grain, and a stall all for me. And she had grass, too.

The guy with the camera and another guy came over. The guy without the camera, Ryan, asked Jennifer some questions about me. She told him I had about a 50/50 chance of making it. I almost snorted at her – because I didn’t feel I had any chance of making it. But she was petting me and getting the knots out of my mane, and she seemed sad while she talked so I gave her a break.

After a few minutes, Leisa hugged Jennifer and then Jennifer lead me towards the trailer. You know, I really didn’t think I could load into that trailer. I had to take a big step up, and my legs just shook. Jennifer asked me again, and she sounded sad and worried, so I gathered my little energy and stepped up into the trailer.

They shut the door and Leisa thanked Jennifer again for taking me. In a few minutes we were on the road.

Jennifer just told me today that I’m part of a big family. That family is called the Bluebonnet Family and it is made up of horses and humans from Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society. Apparently BEHS is a “horse rescue”. It is a bunch of people who go around helping horses to have better lives. I’m hoping to learn a little more about Bluebonnet. I wonder if I can help?

Ooo! Laurie is here to take care of me tonight. I need to go remind her how I like my food made. Talk to you later!


Tex from Bluebonnet

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